About Andrew 

About Andrew Butcher

Andrew Butcher was born in Basingstoke, England, in 1993, but barely remembers it due to being a small child at the time, having a terrible memory, and moving to the Isle of Wight not long after entering the world.

Being a child of the 90's, Andrew has spent his life experiencing the best of all the eras that came before his, plus the great technological advances of the 21st century - he spent his childhood making up games in forests (the way everyone should) but also gained the technology to clone himself in later years like an evil genius (in film editing, not reality... Can you imagine!).

In 2015 Andrew graduated from Winchester University with a degree in Creative Writing & Drama. This course taught Andrew many things - that his overactive imagination is scary, that he is able to write successfully in the third person, and, most of all, that he loves crafting poetry and song lyrics (and is somewhat alright at it.. He hopes... Considering its his job now).

After spending three years being a Dinosaur and twiddling guns whilst talking in a silly 'Old West Cowboy accent', Andrew thought it was about time to gather his many musings over the years together to try and be self employed.

This is Andrew's website, feel free to browse it, enjoy yourself, and buy all the things he has to offer. 

Andrew Butcher